Israeli navy intercepts Gaza fishermen’s boat, detains two


Israeli navy last night intercepted a boat carrying five fishermen while sailing six nautical miles in the northern Gaza coast and detained two of them after holding all five, reported WAFA correspondent. He said, quoting one of the released fishermen, that the Israeli navy intercepted their boat after opening its water hose at them, and held the five fishermen who were on board, all from the same al-Hissi family. The navy later released three men after several hours but kept two fishermen and took them away, he said. The Israeli navy daily harasses and intercepts Gaza fishermen while trying to earn their living at sea and either detain them, damage their boats, or force them to return to shore. (Updated at 11:30 am Palestine time: Later report said the Israeli authorities released the two detained fishermen at Erez/Beit Hanoun crossing, north of Gaza, and seized their boat.