Palestine children suffering trauma, mental disorder by recent airstrikes


The recent ruthless and savage bombardments that went on upon Palestinian babies and children; men and women and others had left a mammoth trail of deaths and damages all over the Gaza strip and elsewhere in Palestine about which the world people witnessed.

The barbaric airstrikes that continued as many as eleven days at a stretch, killed not 5 or 10 but as many as 66 innocent human babies and 256 innocent Palestinians. About 2,000 were injured. Apart from these, annihilation of high-rise buildings, offices, homes and hospitals was quite inhuman and unprecedented.

If those loss of lives and damages were end of the gory episode, it was different thing.

But now a very poignant news has hit the headline which comes from the pen of psychiatrist physician, who has launched a survey among the children in Palestine. he has found that the dire aftermath of the airstrikes by the Israeli forces have brought about trauma and mental order of the surviving children in Palestine.

The physician said, the children of Palestine are now suffering from trauma and mental deficiencies because of the atrocities and savageness that were inflicted upon them by the most mischievous airstrikes by the Israeli army.

The children are now living in utterly fear of the next air attack. They are in the consternation fear of death losing their loved ones and homes. It is hard to imagine how utterly traumatizing their reality has been, the physician further added.

He said, “Residents of Gaza have been enduring layer upon layer of trauma for decades. The deadly Israeli onslaughts are the most damaging – four in the last 14 years – but they occur against the background of chronic trauma imposed by the occupation.