Israeli police detain 40 Palestinians in Naqab


Israeli police today carried out a wide-scale detention campaign across al-Naqab, detaining more than 40 Palestinians. Witnesses confirmed that police conducted the mass detention campaign as part of Israel’s violent crackdown on Palestinian protests condemning the demolitions of property and forced expulsions in al-Naqab. They added that most of those detained are minors, who were arrested over their participation in the protests against the Israeli bulldozers razed the lands of their families as part of an “afforestation” activities of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), primarily in the village Sa'wa Al-Atrash. Sources said that the Israeli police raided a number of Naqab-district villages, broke into residents’ houses and ransacked them before detaining dozens. Over 130 Palestinians, including women and children, have been arrested by Israeli police during the recent confrontations in al-Naqab during the past week. |Israeli courts extended the detention of more than 50 of those arrested and released the rest to be placed under house arrest.