Israeli soldiers detain two Palestinians from West Bank


Israeli soldiers Friday detained at least two Palestinians in predawn raids across the West Bank, according to security sources. They said that the soldiers rounded up a youth after breaking into and searching his house in Sinjl town, north of Ramallah city in the central West Bank. The soldiers also detained another and ransacked his house in Jannatah town, east of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, turning it topsy-turvy. Israeli forces frequently raid Palestinian houses almost on a daily basis across the West Bank on the pretext of searching for "wanted" Palestinians, triggering clashes with residents. These raids, which take place also in areas under the full control of the Palestinian Authority, are conducted with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses in keeping with its sweeping arbitrary powers. Under Israeli military law army commanders have full executive, legislative and judicial authority over 3 million Palestinians living in the West Bank. Palestinians have no say in how this authority is exercised.