Palestinian freedom fighter with the highest prison sentence ever begins 20th year behind Israeli bars


Palestinian freedom fighter, Abdullah Ghaleb Barghouti, with the highest prison sentence ever, began today his 20th year behind Israeli prison bars, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS). The Israeli army arrested Barghouti, from a village near Ramallah, on March 5, 2003, for resisting its occupation of Palestine and then sentenced to 67 life terms. Barghouti, said PPS, wrote a number of books during his incarceration, including one in which he narrated his life story and struggle against the occupation. Meanwhile, another Palestinian freedom fighter, Mazen Qadi, from al-Bireh, adjacent to Ramallah, and sentenced to three life terms plus 25 years for resisting the occupation, ended today 20 years behind Israeli bars, said the PPS. There are currently over 4500 Palestinian freedom fighters serving time in Israeli prisons for their involvement in the resistance movement.