Finance Ministry says a US court dismissed a $900 million appeal against PLO, PA


The Palestinian Ministry of Finance said today that a United States court has dismissed an appeal worth $900 million that had been submitted against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) at US courts. The Ministry said the lawyers of the PLO and PA achieved another legal breakthrough after the Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed Schlotzsky's lawsuit filed against Palestine in 2002 on charges of "supporting terrorism". It said the court found that the recent Congress decision that subjects the PLO and the PA to the jurisdiction of the US law was unconstitutional. β€œThe US court ruling was issued despite repeated attempts by the plaintiffs and right-wing organizations supporting them to file cases against Palestine for financial compensation worth millions of dollars,” said the Ministry in a statement. β€œ[These plaintiffs and right-wing organizations] had previously even pressed the Congress to change US law and to obtain legal support for the US administration.” Finance Minister Shukri Bishara hailed the achievement and thanked President Mahmoud Abbas for his direct involvement in this case.