Israel killed 355 Palestinians and injured more than 16,000 in 2021, says Ministry of Health


During the year 2021, Israel killed 355 Palestinians and injured more than 16,500 others, according to a new report published today by the Ministry of Health. It said that 265 of the Palestinians killed by Israel were in the Gaza Strip and mainly during the Israeli war on Gaza in May of last year, and 90 were in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Most of the injuries were also recorded in May during Israel’s 11-day aggression against Gaza, it said, adding that 3000 injuries were hospitalized, including 2131 in the Gaza Strip, while 964 were in West Bank hospitals. According to charts provided in the report, the number of Palestinians killed by Israel in 2021 jumped from 10 in April to 303 in May. Among those killed, 87 were children, 60 were women, and 18 were elderly. The Ministry of Health said that in the West Bank, the Nablus district recorded the highest number of Palestinians killed by Israelis and reached 30, followed by 14 in Jenin, 13 in Ramallah and al-Bireh district, 11 in the Hebron district, and 10 in the Jerusalem district. In the Gaza Strip, 120 Palestinians were killed in Gaza City, 75 in northern Gaza, and 34 in the Khan Yunis area in the south. Injuries by live bullets jumped as well from 56 in April 2021 to 2866 in May of the same year as a result of the war on Gaza. One out of four live bullet injuries was a child less than 18 years old, said the report. It said that 50% of the injuries were due to live bullets, and that out of the 964 injuries treated at the West Bank hospitals, 35% were in the upper extremities. “This indicates that the Israeli soldiers had the will to kill Palestinians especially if we take in consideration the 50% live-bullet rate,” said the Health Ministry in its report.